Virgin Galactic

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In the 21st century, thousands of wealthy tourists pay tens of thousands of dollars to climb up Mount Everest, dive cave systems, and ski across the Arctic. That is why tourism is a verified market and one that will unavoidably result in holiday to the moon, As evidenced by the fact that it is already possible to buy a ticket (Anderson, 2009). When Apollo 11 mission landed the first humans on the moon launched on July 16, 1969. The whole worlds are stunned. That fact makes a 19-year-old Richard Branson decided that he will one day experience the wonder of space ("Virgin galactic overview," 2009). For several years, interest in the potential of space tourism has been steadily increasing among engineers, scientist, entrepreneurs, and general public. The attractiveness and exclusivity of traveling into space that drives space tourism into the multi-billion dollars business since this is guide by largely demands and perception of the future makes this market into emerging industry (Seedhouse, 2008). That fact led Richard Branson to the idea of built the space tourism. At March 1999, virgin galactic was registered at company house in London. Three years later, the virgin team found the technology that they have been waiting for called SpaceShipOne. At September 27,2004 sir Richard Branson announced that virgin galactic will finance the design and built of an armada of commercial space craft that will be proficient of taking thousands of people safely into space ("Virgin galactic safety," 2009). The aim of this paper is to explain about the Virgin Galactic external environment such as economic, social cultural, demographic, industry, political, and technological point of views. And also explanation about Five Forces Model competition that virgin galactic used. While for the internal environment, the explanation about opportunities and threats, value, all of the resources, capabilities, and core competencies of Virgin Galactic. However, the limitation of this paper is the limited data collection because Virgin Galactic is a new company in the market, so the data is still restricted. Other information will be explained clearer in this paper. External Environment

Demographic segment
Market of Virgin Galactic is thousands people around the world that wants to have new experience space for themselves and people that have large amount of money that can afford and willing to pay the ticket price. In the long term, Moon will be the next travel destinations for vacation or family retreats (Anderson, 2009). That is why Virgin Galactic has potential customers around the world. Economic segment

The growth for some country around the world is different; they are unpredictable and cannot be clarify because of the inflation is different among develop or developing country and also because of current economic recession that happen, for example in America in end of 2009 that have negative effect to every country that have agreement with this country (Gibbs, 2009). Virgin Galactic also has major companies that located in America that can have direct impact to the problem that happens in the country. Socio-cultural segment

Many people are talking about space transportation and Virgin group quickly beginning to realize this will become trends among customers of tourism around the world (Conrady & Buck, 2007). So they started to find the target market that will be their first in flight passenger experience to the moon. Virgin Galactic also concerned with the nature and climate change that happens in the earth and also hired the best scientist, professional, and experts in this project. Technological segment

The technology that Virgin Galactic is using is a new technology for spaceship that called SpaceShipOne, SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo ("Virgin Galactic Unveils Spaceship Design," 2008). They all use the same basic technology, carbon composite construction and design. The spaceship is powered by a hybrid...
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