Virgin Galactic

Topics: Space tourism, Spaceflight, Spacecraft Pages: 10 (2913 words) Published: December 8, 2007
Table of Contents
Table of Contents2
I. History and Evaluation of Space Tourism3
II. Introduction of Virgin Galactic3
III. Mission and Vision3
IV. Business Strategy3
V. Market Research4
VI. Technology Strategy4
A.Porter's Five Forces4
B.SWOT Analysis6
C.Ans-Off Matrix7
D.BCG Matrix7
VII. Technical Issues And Space Vehicle of Virgin Galactic7 VIII. Future of Space Tourism8
IX. Future of Virgin Galactic8
X. References9

I. History and Evaluation of Space Tourism
Space tourism, which offers a unique type of adventure, is no longer a dream or fantasy, but it is nearly materialized. Currently, companies in Russia, Europe, and the United States are competing to become future leaders of space tourism. Bigelow Aerospace, is currently designing inflatable spacecrafts for future hotels. The emerging space tourism industry has, to date, focused primarily on technological considerations. Technological concerns will undoubtedly remain critical for many years to come. When we look at the history we can not define a reliable market because still under process but since last 10 years there were a lot of studying and designing to set up a space tourism business in the reality. NASA and other international space stations have worked together testing the flight of rockets and there are currently several companies achieving space tourism with an increasing number of commercial enterprises starting up in the field. II. Introduction of Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic one of those companies who made space tourism to become sound more logically and made it up in the public mind. However, Virgin Galactic will be the first private space tourism company to send civilians into space. In December of 2005, Virgin Galactic announced that it will locate the headquarters and Mission Control in New Mexico. Virgin Galactic is part of a group of companies with good staff has the experience in aviation and innovation. Each company shares same ideas, values, interests and goals. III. Mission and Vision

Virgin Galactic, hereby referred to as VG, is owned and established by Richard Branson's Virgin Group. The main task is the overcome the challenges of making private space travel available to everyone through the creation of the world's first commercial space line. VG is the leading company in the Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicle (SRLV) industry. The vision of Virgin Galactic (VG) is "to successfully build the world's first environmentally benign space launch system and prove once and for all the commercial viability of a safe space launch system that we believe will eventually be capable of taking pay load and science into space as well as people" (Lowe, 2006). Its aircrafts are privately built and modeled on the Spaceship One. Virgin has used the unique technology developed by Burt Rutan to enhance had years of experience in aviation. The unique spacecraft has safety as one of the main concerns in its research and development program in Mojave, California, home of Rutan's base. They envision this to be the new era in the history of mankind, bringing the dream of everyday human beings exploring space. Their spaceships will allow "affordable sub-orbital space tourism for the first time in the history of the universe." (Virgin Galactic, 2007). IV. Business Strategy

For efforts to improve its attraction, Virgin Galactic provides excellent services for its customers. VG emphasizes safety as its No.1 objective, bringing confidence to its customers, and to no surprise prior to each two-hour flight, customers must receive a series of flight preparations which mainly cover two parts—considerate and detailed medical checks and multiple physical exercises for the flight. The devices used in various exercises and the two-hour flight are all user-friendly. During the flight, customers can enjoy scenarios through panoramic individual windows and other kinds of happiness. After the trip, customers will get some videos and...
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