Virgin Atlantics Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

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The Henry Fayol one who is the author of Principles of Management says that the every organization is divided in the shape of a pyramid, that pyramid is divided as three sectors i.e. the bottom level is the Operational level and the Middle level is the Management level and the top level is the Strategic Level In this strategic level decides the overall Companies performance. Those who handle this Strategic level is known as the top level executives of the company like CEO, CFO, Chartered Secretaries etc… these people are the main leaders who the leads the entire company while taking appropriate management decisions at right time based on their decision the entire management and Company crew will work. So we can Say that Strategic Level is the important level of every organization for the proper caring of this level every company needs good leaders to guide and drive the company; then only that company can survive in the business industry. So we can say that Strategic management and leadership skill is an important vital element that every Company wants to consider. For example: A chartered Secretary or Company Secretary one who is working in the Strategic management level he/she takes all the corporate decisions making responsibility based on this decision the entire organization runs. So we can say that a Company Secretary is a Strategic manager so he or she needs good leadership quality. Then only the future of the Company will be a great success. So we can understand from the above example Strategic Management and Leadership Skills have a good Co-relation. This assignment is going to explain the application level area of Strategic Management and Leadership skill on the basic of a case Study of Virgin Atlantic LTD. Company Overview:

Virgin Atlantic LTD is Commenced its business in the 22nd June 1984 Head quarters of this Company is United Kingdom. The parent Company of this virgin Atlantic Ltd is Virgin group of Companies. The annual returns of this company are 2357 m in the year 2010. Sir Richard Branson is the president and main key leader of this company. Virgin is one of the superior most brands in Britain. Now Virgin groups Business Empire is expanded in three continents with 200 companies with different business products like aero planes, rail network, finance, drinks, etc….

Task 1
1.1Connection between the Strategic Management and the Leadership Skill based on the analysis of the above case study of Virgin Atlantic LTD. The two main keys are factors of the business victory i.e. Leadership Skill and Efficient Management. Proper blending of these two factors leads to a business in the track of success. An Organizations success is in the hands of its leader. So we can say that a leader is a person one who leads the entire business into one point (the one point means the attaining the business goal).So the responsibility of the leader is very high in the company because he/she is the driver of the company his/her strategic decision must be accurate and prompt otherwise it will negatively affect the company. For this reason a good leader needs some good leadership skills and proper management qualities are essential to lead an organization. The important leadership skill that is essential for a good leader was explained below: •A leader must be a motivated person.

A leader must be a confident person.
A leader must be humble honest and loyal to the organization. •Good commitment is a necessary factor for good leader.
Easy to handle a critical situation.
Appropriate decision making power at right situation etc… On the other hand a leader possess some management skills also at right time decision making a good leader needs a good understanding elements of management i.e. how to manage the essential elements of management that is how to plan a management situation, how to organize a situation, how to control a management situation. A Leader is the supreme authority that leads the...
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