Violin Method and Markov Family

Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, United States Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: April 30, 2012
One Family might change the way of playing violin in the United States. Markov family, a Russian musician family, emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1976 to United States. Albert Markov, the father, is a violin player and teacher. The mother is violin player in New York City Opera (1982). In addition, their son Alexander Markov is extraordinary violin soloist, who won the Paganini international violin competition in 1981. They lived in the Soviet Union which had Communist Party government and the government has controlled everything even music. Albert Markov approached a new violin method mixture of Russian and German Traditional Violin methods. The Russian Method used and played by famous violinist like Elman and Zimbalist. It has positive points of freedom in expression and musical mood. The negative points of Russian Violin method are lack of understanding of musical style and process of learning the violin. The German Method, Specially Carl Flesch method has discipline in progress and it teaches more analyze and understanding. Albert Markov combines these two methods and creates a new method with more focus on the quality of the musical tones in left hand in playing the violin. In addition, he introduces a new way of bowing by using just three basic positions. Albert Markov introduces his son as a product of this method. His method published by Schirmer publication in two volumes in 1983. As a violin student of Russian traditional method, I experienced a tough time challenging with technical matters of playing violin. It does not have the specific exercises for practice those technics. Although my teacher was using a Russian method, he used other ways of teaching. Like the German method or Bulgarian method. I can feel the difference between an absolute Russian method or mixture of two or three. It seems that Mr. Markov has a big progress with choosing different methods. In my opinion, it is very important that he published his method and people can use his...
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