Violin and Music

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November 13, 2011

I like music, especially classical music because it has gentle and abundant sound. I enjoy listening music, but not good at play that. I cannot play instrument without mistake even it is simple piano or recorder music. However I decided lightly to learn violin. I had never thought that it could be the most regretful decision. I still enjoy listening music, but I'll never decide to learn any instrument. When I was 14, my sister started to learn violin. She loves music and she is more talented person then me. Playing music looked awesome for 14-year-old boy. So, I nagged my mother to buy my own violin. My parents always encourage studying something, therefore, I could have my own violin and tutor. The beginning was happy. I enjoyed playing and practicing with that new toy, and my skill was getting better and better. In that time, I thought I could keep this pace. However, I joined an youth orchestra, and horrible things were getting closer and closer. First, I had to go to orchestra on Saturday. That meant wasting two hours of precious weekend. Also, I don't feel good when I am with big group of strange people, but there was large group, at least forty of strange people. I was nerves and did bunch of mistakes. Additionally, because I am not gifted, I needed to practice same thing again and again, and I really hate repetition. Therefore, I couldn't have any interest about that orchestra. Moreover, my parents have different thought. Both I and my parents thought violin for me was only for hobby which is for rest and enjoy, not for a living. However, details about that were completely different. In my opinion, hobby is just nothing but only for joyfulness. If hobby is not amusing, it is not hobby. That was why I wanted to quit orchestra and to throw the violin away. As contrasted with my opinion, my parents believe if someone start something, someone should do one's best even though it is hobby. Especially for me because I am not...
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