Violent Video Games

Topics: Child abuse, Violence, Reality Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Matthew Cotanny
January 11, 2013

Kids and There Video Games

Why do kids like to play violent games? Kids like to play violent video games because, Their parents like to fight a lot sometimes. What kids do is when they hear their parents fighting is go to their room and just isolate themselves from their parents and just play with their friends all night long until the parents arguing comes to an end. Another reason is because, kids are peer pressured into playing violent games. Kids that do not play hardcore fantasy games feel like they should have to because their friends are into killing games like that. The last reason is because, violent video games takes away all the attention from the real world or reality. Playing these hardcore fantasy video games keeps the mind of the person playing focused into the virtual world instead in reality. No one can always control things like they can inside the fantasy world of video games.

People say that violent video games are wrong for kids. Well, sadly to say that is wrong. Recent studies have shown that family violence is one of the key factors of violence in general. Children that grow up with abusive parents tend to hurt the kids mentally other than just playing violent games. As kids get older, their brain automatically thinks that it is ok to use violence as a problem solver or stress releaser. Violence in real life can lead emotional desensitization towards the person viewing the violence. The likelihood of a taking action on behalf of a victim when violence occurs can decrease. Craig A. Anderson stats that “exposure to violence in video games is more detrimental then exposure to violence on television or movies”.
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