Violent Media

Topics: Violence, Violent crime, Media violence research Pages: 6 (2042 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Vincent Chen
Ms. Brantely
ENGL 1105
27 November 2012
Violence as a Tool
With increasing violent crime rates in America people wonder who and what cause this. The blame tends to fall upon violent media. Media wants to spread information on the events of the world. We live in a violent world and the news on television shows that. The news tells use about shootings and people getting raped and murdered. The blame cannot fall on media for doing their job and providing news that people would like to see. Although, violence attracts more people on television than understanding and difference, one cannot force the American people to watch it. Violence can take place anywhere and thus bringing a troubling question: how can one raise a child in violent areas? Children who experience violence can learn to control it. People, who learn to use violence as a tool rather than fear it, profit more from it. Melissa Etheridge used music as a coping mechanism in her article “Music as a Safe Haven”. Also, Paul Cobley wrote in his article “Punk Rock: The Madness in My Area”, that one can express themselves through music. Violence can also be used as a coping tool and a way of expressing one’s feelings. How people choose to use violence would determine the effect it can have on them. Integrating violence into the lives of young child grants them the opportunity to explore their repressed feelings. Violent media allows children to get a taste of the real world, thus preparing them better than a sheltered child.

Violent media does not always harm children. In the right amounts, violent media benefits more than harm. People may argue that anger, hate, and aggression can lead to violence thus; parents avoid teaching them to their children. But, incorporating those inescapable feeling into everyday life can teach valuable lessons that would benefit the growth of the child. Incorporating violence into the lives of young children has many perks like knowing how to control or desensitize to anger and hate. If a child knows the dangers and harmful effects of violence, then the chances of him/her acting out would lower; just like getting vaccinated. The vaccine would not make the person completely immune to the virus but it drastically lowers the chance of contracting the virus. A vaccine contains a small weakened form of a virus so the body can combat it and defend itself against it. Metaphorically speaking, vaccination of violence would go to the children as violence is essentially a virus. As people get vaccination to viruses at a very young age, experiencing violence at a young age allows children to have a shielding from it. Experiencing all types of violent media presents children with ideas on what anger and hate can do therefore, allowing them to avoid it as much as possible in the future.

People argue that violent video games, movies and music present harmful influence on children because they make the kids want to go out and recreate those actions. One cannot assume that children who play video games like the “Modern Warfare” series would go out and shoot people because of the serious consequences for committing such acts. For example, if a riot breaks out on television and people got arrested, recreating this situation would cause him/her to also get arrested. Teaching children to use and channel their anger and hate and use it for good can be an alternate way to use violence. For example, most football player has tons of anger and aggression in them and they use that to play football: “Punk Rock: The Madness in My Area” Paul Cobley explains that music a way to express oneself. Football players use this sport to discharge their anger and rage. They express their feelings on the field and the protective gear allows them to do so without causing too much harm on the other person. Sheltering a child and teaching him/her to suppress violent behavior can lead to a build-up of anger and hate until he/she explodes with violence;...
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