Violent Media's Call to Duty

Topics: Video game controversy, Media violence research, Violence Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Violent video games have become increasingly popular. Not only are adults enjoying the new fad, but young children are too. Many studies have been conducted in order to determine how the newest violent media has been affecting the children of today. It is a common misconception that the children who play these violent games, watch movies and television shows grow into a violent adult, while the children who more sheltered from this media become model citizens. In the article, “Whodunit—The Media?” Maggie Cutler addresses the controversy that follows the notion that violent media has a negative effect on children and asserts her opinion that instead of exploiting the media violence as harming this latest generation, working with the media will prove beneficial to the safety and sanity of the children.

Violence in the media is repeatedly blamed for violence in children, while it needs to be realized that there are so many other factors that feed into the behavioral development of a child. “Media violence is a risk factor that, working in concert with others, can exacerbate bad behavior.” (Cutler). The effects of violent media have been seen in children; however other risk factors contribute to trigger the response. There is no way of noting that violent media alone causes bad behavior. “One of the reasons so many media violence studies have been done is that the phenomenon may be too complex to study conclusively” (Cutler). The complexity of the accusation against the media is preventing any solid conclusion, and many of those studies have gone on to note that violent media affects children who have already been exposed to other various risk factors. To say violent media itself is corrupting youngsters is unfair to say the least. If the main focus is to ensure the safety of children, a second look needs to be taken into how the media in itself affects children.

The various studies that have been conducted make many claims on how the media supposedly affects...
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