Violence Within the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Work, Environment Pages: 4 (1379 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Dominique Bennett
Professor Wolfe
English 101
9 April 2013

Keep Calm, No Fighting
The workplace is an ever dynamic, complex environment. Much like in any environment, be it home, school, or the workplace, problems are sure to arise amongst the population. It is expected that adults, being that they have a supposed higher level of maturity and intellect in comparison to a person younger and less equipped to solve problems, are able to handle the everyday stresses of life in general without resorting to violence. It is documented that this is not the case seeing that there are around two million people who report being victims of workplace violence ( It should also be noted that this figure doesn’t include the instances of violence in the workplace against women that go unreported, which is an issue in and of itself. Violence inside the workplace is an issue with many complexities, meaning there should be a myriad of solutions should be considered. One lone solution cannot be used to combat a multifaceted problem. So while there is no concrete, surefire way to completely eradicate violence from the workplace, preventative measures are best used in aiding to substantially decrease the risk. The causes of workplace violence are quite vast. They can be measured on a scale of individual risk factors like, most obviously, a history of violent acts or previous alcoholism. The causes could also be on a broader scale like stress carried from home life and into the workplace. Of course the notion is that you keep separate your home issues from work, but clearly that isn’t always the case. Everyone is not equipped with the mental capacity to successfully pull a feat like that off 100% of the time. Working in an occupation considered to be “high risk” is also a factor in workplace violence. These high risk occupations include, but are not limited to: working at schools in poor or rural neighborhoods, nighttime taxi cab drivers, officers of the law, workers in...
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