Violence Used in Stories

Topics: Violence, Torture, Domestic violence Pages: 4 (1458 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Our society is full of violence. It ranges from wars to bullying. It is seen everywhere. On television, at home, at school, in the playground and it can also be heard in music. Violence begins from the moment we are born and does not cease until the day we depart from this world. Violence is often used by authors in stories to teach us right from wrong. They do it to try and each us morals. Although everyone sees committing violent acts with different perspectives all in all it is a cruel way of punishment and torture.

In ancient civilizations violence was used by kings to keep order in their kingdom. Kings believed that without violence they would not be able to keep their kingdom in order. They would have no control over the people’s actions and they would have no peace in their kingdoms. This is seen in The Lady or The Tiger by Frank Stockton. The author uses violence in the story to allow the king to keep control in his kingdom. When the king finds out about a problem or an issue that has occurred that would threaten the peace and order of his kingdom he quickly takes action. His actions consist of violent events. In this story the king does not judge the wrongful doer himself, he allows the man and his own “conscience” to either ruin or redeem himself. The king set up to doors one with a prize and the other with a hungry tiger. He believes that if the person is innocent he will choose the one with the prize, but if he is guilty he will be violently punished by being devoured by a tiger. Another form of violence seen in this story is parental violence. It isn’t physical violence but it is mental. The king does not want his daughter to be seeing the guy she is seeing because he doesn’t approve of him. The princess sees her lover behind her father’s back regardless. The author shows us that sometimes parents can violate the rights and feelings of their children because they think they know what’s best for them. The reality of it though is that...
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