Violence on Screen Encourages Violence in Real Life

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Violence on Screen Encourages Violence in Real Life

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term “violence” means the behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Violence is definitely not something new to the human race. Humans have been exposed to violence ever since the Viking Age and even earlier. Back then; violence was only used for one main purpose – war. However, violence is an escalating problem in modern society. It is indeed ironic because wars do not happen as frequently as they do centuries ago. People do not kill to imperialize, they kill simply for the fun of it, some even for no apparent reason. This can be proven through the recent mass bombing in Boston, USA, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut. Researchers have decided to come to the bottom of this problem, and one of it is due to media influence. There are a few reasons supporting this statement, and also reasons going against it.

Superhero movies have always been the public’s favorite. It is undeniably true that almost everyone enjoy watching movies based on superheroes, regardless of age. Still, heroes are violent, and they get rewarded for their violent behavior after defeating their enemies. Children viewers who still do not have a mind of their own, who are still following the idea of “monkey see, monkey do”, will then be indirectly exposed to violence. These children who are especially fond of superheroes will take them as their role models, as people whom they look up to. They too want to be strong enough to fight, and to be known as a hero that “saves the day”. They might not be so violent to the extend that they start killing, but these children who are exposed to violence at such a young age are more prone to getting into fights in school, and that is the baby steps toward violent behavior. Examples of superhero-based movies that contain violence include Iron Man, Batman and Captain America.

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