Violence in Wuthering Heights

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  • Published : December 23, 2011
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Bronte’s use of violence forces the reader to understand the strength of feeling in her characters’. Using Wuthering Heights page 118 as your starting point, from ‘She rung the bell till it broke with a twang:’ to the end of the chapter, explore the use and portrayal of violence.

Violence is an essential theme in this novel and is vital to the character’s personalities, that they use it to express their feelings. From reading this section it is evident that Bronte particularly focuses on punctuation, imagery and tenses to create a certain mood. The use of imagery is very apparent from the beginning. Cathy is first introduced as “dashing her head” and “grinding her teeth”. The two present participles, give the reader a sense of immediacy and the idea of a continuous motion. This is used for the purpose of drama; however, there is some dramatic irony to the situation in the fact that she was dashing her head on a sofa, showing that she has no intention what-so-ever of hurting herself but was doing in to get a reaction- some might even call it attention seeking! Cathy gets jealous because Isabella likes Heathcliff; she becomes overly animated. This chapter is a great example of Cathy’s character “she rang the bell till it broke like a twang (…)” is a prime example of how impatient and childlike she is. When she doesn’t get what she wants to has a massive tantrum and is melodramatic to the point of even rejecting food. Ellen tries to give her some water “but she would not drink” and she locks herself in her room. In this section of the chapter we see Cathy’s strength in making people around her act a certain way, for example Linton is compelled by fear at her rage and is described as “shuddering”- another use of present participle-and we see Nelly running around after her getting water to sprinkle over her. She is very calm – described as entering “leisurely”. This goes to show that Nelly was used to these outbursts, having known her since birth. Nonetheless, she...
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