Violence in the Movies Should Be Restricted

Topics: Violence, Crime, Violent crime Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Violence in the Movies Should Be Restricted
Do you think a movie without any violence is less popular to capture audiences’ attention? There are a large number of movies come to the audiences everyday. For both movie producer and audiences’ benefit, violence in movies seems to be necessary. However, it is necessary for us to restrict violence in movies because teenage audiences will be easily influenced in bad ways; people will become apathetic in society while they have repeated exposure to violence in movies; this kind of movies can encourage people to have wrong lifestyles and values. Firstly, violence in movies will influence teenagers’ behavior and mental health. When we search “school shooting” on Google, there are 304,000,000 results within 0.15 seconds. All of these tragedies happened in recent years after our media developed in a high speed. Such as the Winnenden school shooting in 2009. In this tragedy, Tim K. was a quiet boy who liked violence on computer games and movies. People may say violence in movies gives people a lot of visual enjoyment and make people relaxed after work and study. While most Hollywood famous action movie cannot be popular without the violence in it, historical movies cannot move people without any scene with blood. However, while violent movies are only for adults to feel relaxed, it is for these teenagers to find their role models in their life, and it has a big effect on teenagers’ behavior. Violence in movies not only encourages teenagers to do illegal things but also make those teenagers who are considering those violent crimes seem cool and makes them feel outstanding; on the other hand, teens are also imitating negative attitudes and behaviors when they feel accustomed to the violence in their real lives, 
and become scared of being victimized by others. Secondly, violence in movies will make people feel apathy to the society. Movie producers make violence to be a tool to draw audiences’ attention because people feel...
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