Violence in the Media

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  • Published : November 10, 2008
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With an uprise of violence in the media today, it is important to evaluate how exposure to such media may affect its viewers, especially children. Conclusive studies have been ran that indicates there may be a connection between aggressive behavior in these adulesents and violent materials such as movies, television shows, and different forms of art. These materials have been suggested to have short-term and long-lastings effects.

In the article, "Sizing Up the Effects", Sissela Bok illustrates the potential dangers that violence in the media can have on adulesents, affecting their decisions and behavior. In 1993, the American Psychological Association released a report, based on their annylisis of previously made studies. They noted that "children's exposure to violence in the mass media, particularly at young ages, can have harmful lifelong consequences". They believe there are three ways that violence in television can affect children, besides an increase in violent behavior, which consist of paranoia induced by fear of becoming a victim, increased desensitization to violence, and an increased appetited to view violence or expose themselves to violence. These effects have been named by Ronald Slaby, a member of the APA commission, as "the aggressor effect, the victim effect, the bystander effect, and the appetite effect". These accusations reveal that viewing violence has a relationship with violent behavior but does not directly contribute to causing violent actions. Some organizations are noticing these effect and trying to reduce levels of violence in television such as The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the National PTA.

Violence viewed by children in television and movies has been increasing significantly in past years. In the early 1990's, researched found that the average child who graduated from elementary school has witnessed 8,000 murders and over 100,000 acts of violence in the media. This number...
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