Violence in the Home: Understanding Domestic Violence

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  • Published : February 12, 2011
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Domestic violence is one of the most intrusive actions and it violates human rights. Violence in the home has devastating affects on the victims; but also on their children and their families. Understanding that the most affected in all this are the children, becoming aware of the mental, physical and emotional affects it has on them and the victims, and realizing that domestic violence is a major global problem.

Understanding, that the children are the biggest victims in domestic violence. The impact this has one their lives, most of these children watch both of their parents being violently assaulting one another, may often hear the sound of violence, or may be even aware of the signs of abuse. Children that are exposed to violence in the home suffer a wide range of severe and lasting effects. Abused children experience learning disabilities, it affects their social skills, and some may even demonstrate violent behavior along with depression and anxiety. Exposure to violence in the home; but that had not being physically abused showed similar behavioral and psychological problems as children who had been physically abused. Many victims and their families suffer silently, and with no or little support. Children that witness the abuse of a parent are more likely to be affected as adults. – They either become victims or become the attackers. Children that experience violence in the home are being denied the right to be children or to life in a safe and stable home.

Domestic Violence may cause major physical and psychological problems, even though the psychological abuse may be more difficult to identify on the victims, it may have the same amount of harm. Victims or children exposed to violence may develop personality and behavioral problems; some can even develop psychosomatic illnesses. According to the CDC, each year women experience about 4.8 million intimate partner related physical assaults and rapes. Men are the victims of about 2.9 million physical...
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