Violence in Pc Games

Topics: Video game, Nonviolent video game, Video game genres Pages: 22 (7647 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Violence and Computer Games

Salohiddin I. Rahmonov

KIMEP University

Research Proposal

In my country, Tajikistan, video games are very popular among adolescents and teenagers. Most of my friends play games and sometime I join them. Today many computer games contain violent scenes and episodes which can bring bad consequences. The specific topic of my research paper is the effects of violent video games. I intend to analyze teenagers and adults in computer clubs in order to find out how they behave during and after playing. My intended audience is teenagers, adults, parents, gaming club owners, video game producing companies and government. My intention is to inform the reader about the violence in games and their effects.

A young man pushed his girlfriend to the floor simply because she disturbed him from playing video games. The girl was tired of seeing his back, so she decided to block the TV screen with her body. As a result, his video character was killed. He was so enraged that he hit her so hard that she fell on the floor. She ran to the bathroom, but he overtook her there too and continued to beat her (Youth Portal X-Age, 2011). Does this story show that computer games affect people? Do juveniles and teenagers become aggressive after playing games which contain violent scenes and episodes?

Today, more than 1000 studies conducted by leading institutions and experts in the field of psychology have gathered compelling evidence that there is a link between violence on the screen and the aggressive behavior of a particular group of children. Brestov (2011) states that the "Conclusion of community physicians, resulting from more than 30 years of scientific research, is that viewing scenes of violence can lead to the development of aggressive feelings, reactions and behavior of children. Moreover, prolonged observation of violent scenes leads to the fact that a person becomes insensitive to violence in real life".

Specialists and doctors have the opinion that playing a game on a computer is, in general, the same as watching television or a movie, but there is one crucial difference. Brestov claims, "The specificity of computer games makes a person not a passive spectator, but an active player. He starts living in the different illusory world, a world with primitive and rigid laws which the player is forced to obey. His decisions are already provided for him. So in the mind of the child certain skills like aiming and shooting without any moral restrictions are programmed" (2011).

According to the website (X-Age, 2011), "Three students were killed and five wounded in a school in the American city West Paducah in 1997. Michael Kernielu was only 14 years old.  Michael said that he learned how to use weapons from computer games such as DOOM, Quake, and Mortal Combat which he was fond of. At a meeting of the U.S. Congress on the problems of violence in computer games, the mother of one of the victims said that the incident was provoked by films that Kerniel watched, games in which he played, and Internet-sites which he visited. The families of the dead students have filed a lawsuit $ 33 million against 25 companies, including Nintendo, Sega and Sony Computer Entertainment. The prosecution was based on the video game Kerniela which trained Michael to aim and shoot without any moral restrictions and made him like a real killer" (X-Age). Two years later, in 1999, two high school students Eric Harris and Klebold killed 12 students and the teacher in Littleton (Colorado) and then killed themselves. An investigations of the killings demonstrated that they were avid players of DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D and often played against each other over the network in the so-called "death match". Concerns about similar events occur throughout the world" (2011).

In 2002 in the Gymnasium Erfurt Gutenberg schoolboy Robert...
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