Violence in Movies

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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It is a well known fact that block busters contain a high level of violence. There is no wonder why people ask themselves:"why"or"what for". It is, as if lately, films are not succesfull enough unles there is no fighting of shooting. Unfortunately, there have benn hundreds of cases in which youngsters have taken the example of their role models in the films and have commited acts of violence,even crimes. Despite this fact, violence is still on screen, in an even higher proportion, as if the films wouldn't have a value without it. What can be done? Firstly, those who prefer such kind of films associate violence on screen with real consequences. As a result, they lose the sense of reality and no longer take violence seriously, or even symphatize with the victims. This is bad both fot the individuals and for society. Another worrying aspect is that heroes in this films are presented as people worth being admired even though they have a violent character. This gives the impression that they can gain respect and admiration by copying this agressive behaviour, so that the violence increses, especially in large urban areas worldwide. One of the measures considered to reduce violence should regulate the films industry on the one hand, and insure better education on the other hand. According to statistics it has been found that over 80% of the murderers belong to poorly educated cathegories In this respect film producers should be prevented for showing useless violence. Instead, films ought to emphasize the tragic consequences of violent acts in order to educate especially young people to realise that violence is real. In conclusion, I believe that seeing violence as "fun" may lead to social serious problems with most tragic outcomes which makes it obvious that regulating the film industry and poper education are imperatively necessary.
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