Violence in Juarez

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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Violence in Juarez

Many people ask themselves over the world, how many lives have been destroyed in Juarez innocently. They can not imagine how the people of Juarez, including myself have seen death pass by our eyes or have suffered a loss of a family member killed; knowing many who had a simple robbery may kill a person in a horrible way. Juarez is a city that it is uncontrolled, and neither the politicians nor the president can not deal with the violence. If the city follows this violence might be to the people can revolt and take control of society. Many people think that this is generated when President Felipe Calderon took the presidency, and sent federal police to Juarez. The only thing that the federals are doing here is just stealing cars, or money to the innocent people. Personally one day my friends and I were in a park drinking some beer and chilling. Military arrived in three trucks; they went down off the truck quickly, they asked what we were doing and logically we were drinking beer. So they taught that we were smoking some pot, and we did not even smell but the said that we smelled like we had. After that I was scared because they were going through my stuff to check my wallet, and I thought that I am going to have a problem cause in my wallet there was one thousand dollars. Because that money was for buy two tickets on airplane, to go to Mexico City with my girlfriend to have some vacations. And when the military saw the money they taught that money were from drugs sales. And they ask why I am have too much money on my pocket and on my mind was that they are going to stole it. Then I explained to them, what was the reason that I have that money, but they did not believe me and they took my money. They put my friends and I on the truck facing down, they were stepping back at us, and they also threw us cold water. Then the military told us to sing the Mexican anthem, which not all of them did not know, after while they were all day long with us...
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