Violence in Cartoons and Video Games Cause Children to Be Aggressive

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  • Published : April 18, 2011
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Violence in Video Games and Cartoons Causes Children to be Aggressive Do you know exactly what your children are watching on television or what video games they are playing? The answer to this is simple; most parents leave their children unmonitored when these activities are being performed. Has it ever occurred to parents that cartoons and video games can be taking over young children’s minds? This is a controversial issue, and many want to know does violence shown in cartoons and video games cause children to be aggressive? Throughout the generations cartoon shows and games have changed drastically, so what are children are viewing is in our hands.

We may believe the G-rated cartoons and films children are watching are harmless to the child’s mind, but what’s really going on in a four-year-olds head when Jerry is abusing Tom is objects just to escape? To adults it’s just for kicks and giggles, but to children this teaches them that violence is the answer to their problems. They cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality so everything they see, they will imitate. Parents should always be present to view what there child is watching. Also, when children are watching any violent scenes such as “people roasting in the oven in Hansel and Gretel or being eaten by a Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk” parents should always explain why this scene is not acceptable to their child. “Studies have shown that children watch an average of twenty to twenty-five acts occur each hour on Saturday morning “children program” (M.Y. and V.M.S). It’s strange how children are drawn to those types of program. Sadly, they find violence amusing. Pretty much every toddler has a super hero he looks up to such as batman, and watching that super hero fight, and kill villains will give them the idea that it’s perfectly fine to do the same. We can not stop the media from showing such cartoons on TV, but that doesn’t stop us from talking to them and letting them know...
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