Violence in All the Pretty Horses

Topics: Horse, Acts of the Apostles, Violence Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Violence Throughout All the Pretty Horses
One of the early incidents of violent occurs when Blevins, John Grady, and Rawlins attempt to steal back Blevins’ horse at “not much more than an hour till daylight.” As “they saddled the horses” and “rode around slowly,” “Yonder comes somebody,” dogs erupt in barking and a horse chase ignites. The Mexicans in that little town take off after Blevins, Grady, and Rawlins with guns. They shoot at least six shots and thankfully, Grady, Rawlins, and Blevins get out of their sight. Secondly, when the Grady and Rawlins are arrested, they meet up with Blevins in prison. They wonder why Blevins is in prison, and he does not want to reveal, so Grady asks one of the prisoners. The prisoner tells Grady he killed three men in which Blevins claims the prisoner is lying. And then Blevins says, “I walked up behind him and snatched it out of his belt. That’s what I done. And shot him” (159). John Grady continues to ask what he had done. Rawlins replies, “Time I got back to the spring where my horse was at they was on me. That boy I shot off his horse thowed down on me what a shotgun.” Grady asks, “You shot one of the rurales?” “Yeah.” “Dead?” “Yeah” (160). From this conversation between Grady and Blevins, we can see that Blevins did not expect the outcome of his actions. He seemed ashamed, but he shot an officer and the person who took his gun, and the boy on the horse, which is pretty violent for a “13-15 year old. An act of violence in All the Pretty Horses occurs when Rawlings is stabbed the morning after he and John Grady talk to Perez for the first time. Rawlins is stabbed by a man with an “Italian switchblade,” passing it across Rawlings’ shirt three times. This erupts into a fight as Rawlings leaps “three times backward with his shoulders hunched and his arms out flung like a man refereeing his own bloodletting” (188-189). The stabber, who previously did not know Rawlins, was hired to stab Rawlins by Perez. McCarthy informs the...
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