Violence Has Always Played a Role in Entertainment

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  • Published : May 19, 2011
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Name: Beryl Thadamalla
Class: Thursday, 6-10pm
Instructor’s Name: Tony Buenning
Type of Essay: Exemplification Essay
Due Date: April 28, 2011
Violence and Media
Violence has always played a role in entertainment. Virtually since the dawn of television, parents, teachers, legislators, and mental health professionals have been concerned about the content of television programs and its impact, particularly on children. The resulting Surgeon General’s report and a follow-up report in 1982 by the National Institute of Mental Health identify these major effects of seeing violence on television: • Children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others. • Children may be more fearful of the world around them.

• Children may be more likely to behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward others. Other research indicates that media violence has not just increased in quantity; it has also become much more graphic, much more sexual, and much more sadistic. Explicit pictures of slow-motion bullets exploding from people's chests, and dead bodies surrounded by pools of blood, are now commonplace fare. Millions of viewers worldwide, many of them children, watch female World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers try to tear out each other's hair and rip off each other's clothing. And one of the top-selling video games in the world, Grand Theft Auto, is programmed so players can beat prostitutes to death with baseball bats after having sex with them. Concerns about media violence have grown as television and movies have acquired a global audience. Busy parents who want to protect their children from media violence have a difficult task before them. The CMPA found that violence appears on all major television networks and cable stations, making it impossible for channel surfers to avoid it. Nightly news coverage has become another concern. In spite of falling crime rates across North America, disturbing images of violent crime continue to dominate news...
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