Violence Breeds Violence Essay

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Violence Breeds Violence
Violence is prominent and it promotes more violence. Throughout this discussion it is necessary to consider violence on a local, national and global level. Domestic violence is a regular occurrence here in Adelaide and it is common within families and neighbours. The level of violence that Australians show towards refugees is compiled with torture and inhumanity. The impact of video game violence affects many places around our globe and it can influence people’s behaviour. The first topic that will be discussed is violence in a domestic sense. This is regarding the violent activities that take place both at home and around your neighbourhood. There have been many cases that involve the husband beating the wife, or the other way round in some cases, and these incidents are never pleasant. For some people this violence can continue for years and the main people that it can affect are the children witnessing it. If a 7 year old child has a father that beats his wife, it will rub off onto the child and there could be two possible outcomes. One scenario could be that the child thinks that this is ok and do the same when he is older and the other could be that this emotionally affects him and he becomes violently unstable. Both of these reasons indicate that the violence inflicted by the parents has a significant influence on the child. The other aspect of domestic violence is what takes place in and around the streets. It is not uncommon for neighbours to have a row every once in a while, but unfortunately it can sometimes escalate quite rapidly and conclude with serious injury and expense. Some of the causes of these disputes are fences, trees, noise pollution and lifestyle/environment issues. The neighbourhood arguments are mainly based around issues such as the inability to communicate, verbal abuse, physical abuse, theft and gossip. The main problem with these incidents is the further violence that it can create. With all prejudice being...
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