Violence and Drugs Abuse

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  • Published : May 18, 2008
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There are many challenges that the youth of today’s world are facing. Among these, one of the greatest obstacles is the spread of illegal drugs, and also rapid increases in violence and the creation of gangs. These needless activities cause harm to high schools around the world and to the students who attend them. Peer pressure, the media, and need of independence are just some of the reasons drugs and violence rates have increased over the years.

A huge problem with today’s society is the media. Violence is a centrepiece of new movies, and video games revolve around killing and survival of the fittest. Some people just can’t help but apply the absurd violence that is meant for ‘entertainment’ in real life. And then when this happens, there are the shootings that occurred for no real reason, just because a person wanted to try out what they saw on television.

Probably the biggest cause of negative influence has to be peer pressure. Arguably, there is nothing that contributes to conflicts in high school more than peer pressure. Who can refuse a friend? Drugs have become a big thing in high school and peer pressure has helped it spread. One friend trying to convince a person to do something is not too difficult to resist, but when a whole group of friends is pressuring, it is obviously very difficult to refuse.

As the future of tomorrow, the youth of today should strive to make good decisions and set them apart from bad ones. There are many problems and obstacles that our generation will have to face in the future to come; hence we should not be creating more for ourselves.
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