Violence and Crime

Topics: Abuse, Violence, Victim Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Our childhood should be remembered as the good times, not the times we fought over every little thing. It should be filled to the fullest with memories of playing in the dirt, getting wet with the sprinklers, and stuffing our faces with dinosaur chicken nuggets. Youth violence refers to the bullying or physical force of a person or group usually to hurt or even cause death. Over the past years youth violence has been increasing excessively due to the increase of bullying. Bullying effects everyone including the witnesses, which will most likely repeat what they saw. Youth violence is never good even if you have a good reason to do so. A way the youth becomes exposed in this type of violence is by experiencing the wonderful world wide web. People tend to bring their social problem on hit popular social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. On these websites much cyber bullying occurs not only to bring them off the Internet, but into reality. After an argument occurs on the Internet, where it becomes public, people can see who the less dominant is. When people know who the less dominant is, from there on they will turn them to the new social outcast. Once violence is off the Internet and into the streets' people tends to get violent towards each other. We see various type of bully situations on television that shows the bully's perspective saying is okay to occasionally get out of line, which influences youth kids and teenagers to try it with the ones they dislike. A survey proved children are most likely to hurt others in a group of two or more to gain confidence or power over the less dominant. Any little thing can influence the youth such as name-calling, brawls, gossip/rumors, and even peer pressure. The youth who participates in these violent crimes is most likely to get in worst situations as they grow older in life. Many youth violence cases go successful because they do the one thing many victims are afraid to do: report...
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