Violence Against Women in Developing Countries

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  • Published: December 4, 2011
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Violence Against Women in Developing Countries

There are many issues that penetrate the news daily about third world countries but, one topic that is swept under the rug is violence against women. There are many different forms of violence against women in third world countries. Some of the forms are childhood marriages; rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, incest and even female circumcision are everyday occurrences in some of those countries. Discussing these issues is almost forbidden. Women are not able to freely go to the police and tell them of any of these things. It is baffling to me that just mentioning any of these topics to the police could make their own family disown them (which is one of the reasons why it is kept silent). It has been said that some females are subjected to violence before they are born. They even choose to abort their unborn daughters, hoping for sons instead. Some girls are even made to undergo horrible and almost inhumane traditional practices as circumcision, which leave them injured and traumatized. In other instances, they are forced to marry at an early age, before they are physically, mentally or emotionally mature.

Rape Against Women

In the United States along with other countries rape is a very serious crime. It takes innocence from children and confidence from adults. Even though rape is a crime that both women and men are subjected to, 91% of the victims are women. The statistics are that rapes are convicted by: •Someone with whom the respondent was in love: 46%

Someone that the respondent knew well: 22%
Acquaintance: 19%
Spouse: 9%
Stranger: 4%
These same statistics read true for most third world countries. Being taken advantage of by someone that you love (or was once in love with) can really make a person feel betrayed. That betrayal could lead to a women feeling like they could never love or trust again. The same would be true if the assailant where your spouse. The different types of rape are a very sad fact but it truly exists. There are some areas where women and even young girls find themselves in refugee camps where they are very vulnerable to rape and physical abuse. In these types of situations the inmates’ are abused sexually by guards, other male refuges and even military soldiers. In most of these situations the younger girls began to feel worthless and unimportant then will most times turn to prostitution to live and support their family.

Human Trafficking

Trafficking is another form of abuse that many countries tend to keep silent. Trafficking is definitely modern day slavery. In most cases traffickers kidnap or lure young women (or girls) by offering them a job or money and then in turn use them for sexual acts, mail-order brides, or sometimes even servants. Statistics read that over one billion women and young girls are trafficked yearly around the world. In some cases even visitors of some of these countries such as American and European women are taken and sold to traffickers.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is another crime committed to women that would go completely without punishment especially in third world areas of the world. I read an article recently where a woman from a third world country took the blame for her spouse’s abuse. Her statement made the hairs on my neck stand up but, I understood. Not the violence but, the fact that her thought process is different and in the country where she was raised that is what she was taught. It is still very sickening in my eyes but, if I was raised to think that way it would be the only thing I knew. Nevertheless, domestic violence is a major issue in most developing worlds and I have seen that some organizations (even here in the US) are striving everyday to change this kind of violence. One organization the Commission on Human Rights came up with resolution 1994/45 of 4 March 1994, in which it decided to appoint the Special Rapporteur on violence against...
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