Violence Against Women

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence against women, Child abuse Pages: 14 (4106 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Violence Against Women
Research Paper


* Introduction

* Definition: Violence and Violence against women

* Type of Violence against women

* Factors Contributing to Increased Violence against Women

* Crimes Against Women’ broadly categories into two parts

* Preventive Measures to Control Violence Against Women

* Conclusion


“As long as Violence against women continues, we cannot claim to be making real progress towards equality, development & peace” – ( UN Secretary –General2006 )

Women throughout the world have been accorded lower status than men. Traditionally, women were expected to be married off and settle down in life. Rights of power, position and authority over women were accorded to men. Women were given a very subordinate role and status, as the socioeconomic and external conditions prevailing in ancient times were not favourable for the free movement of women. In the 21st century even though women are educated and equally participating in employment with men, still the social conventions, traditions and restrictions controlling the life of women directly or indirectly. In the last two decades violence against women, (gender-based violence) has emerged as the most pressing and intractable social problem across regional, social and cultural boundaries. Violence against women is recognized as a serious human rights violation and a pervasive public health problem that concerns all sectors of society. Irrespective of a nation's level of development, women are susceptible to exploitation, oppression and other types of demeaning violence from men in all societies where cultural norms, tradition and the legal system endorse women's subordination to men. In the South Asian Region, violence against women begins long before they are born and continues throughout their lives. The lives of unborn girls are terminated through sex selective abortions. Every sixth death of a female infant in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan is due to neglect and discrimination. In the Region, females face restrictions in mobility, usually have less to eat than their male counterparts, are denied proper education and health care, are often forced into early arranged marriages, have few opportunities of employment and are underrepresented in the governments. All too frequently women are targets of extreme forms of aggression such as incest, rape, public humiliation, trafficking, acid attacks and dowry deaths. India is no exception. Violence against women is a common and insidious phenomenon in India. Newspaper reports in the country clearly indicate that the prevalence of violence against women is very high (Wahed and Bhuiya, 2007). It is noted that violence is a sign of a power struggle for the maintenance of a certain kind of social order. Violence against women is not so much a question of sexuality as it is of political power, both patriarchal and other, ranging from domestic violence to the violence of state power, that often appropriate the existing patriarchal ideology to control women's minds, bodies, and psyches. Hence, it can be said that psychological illness of women or mental tensions of women are due to violence and exploitation of women in offices, families and in general the society.

Definition: Violence and Violence against women

'Violence' is an act carried out with the intention or perceived intention of physically hurting another person. 'Gender Violence' is defined as “any act involving use of force or coercion with intent of perpetuating promoting hierarchical gender relations”.

Violence against women is partly a result of gender relations that assumes men to be superior to women. Given the subordinate status of women, much of gender violence is considered normal and enjoys social sanction. Manifestations of violence include physical aggression, such as blows of varying intensity, burns, attempted hanging, sexual abuse and rape,...
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