Violence Against Children: The Philippine Experience

Topics: Child abuse, Family, Human trafficking Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Violence Against Children: The Philippine Experience*
Terre des Hommes-Germany; Terre des Hommes Netherlands;
Asia ACTs Against Child Trafficking
In the Philippines, children who are victims of violence are categorized as children needing special protection (CNSP).CNSP includes child labour; children-victims of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation; abandoned and neglected or children without primary caregivers; children of indigenous cultural groups; child-victims of disasters; children in situations of armed conflict; street children; and, children in conflict with the law. Violence against Filipino children are committed through physical and psychological abuse/deprivation that manifest in the worst forms of child labour, child prostitution, begging in the streets, abandonment, trafficking and /or recruitment as soldiers or couriers in areas of armed conflict. Most instances or forms of violence against Filipino children are attributed to poverty. The increasing reported cases of violence against children are the social manifestations of a long history of poverty, characterized by a chronic or cyclical condition of deprivation of basic services that include basic education, health and nutrition services, livelihood or employment opportunities, durable housing and clothing. Poverty has affected several generations of a lot of Filipino families that has resulted in inadequate parental capabilities, strained family relationship and corrupted values. Violence in the home and in the family With 28.4 percent of Filipino families being poor in 2000, poverty has been considered a major reason for violence in the home. Though being poor does not readily result to violence, the pressure of providing for the basic needs of the family has led a lot of parents to neglect or leave their children unattended for a certain portion of the day. In recent years, more mothers seek work in urban areas or...
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