Violence Affecting Society

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  • Published : September 29, 2010
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Violence is everywhere if you look at it. Throughout the years of evolution and invention, violence has become the most progressive thing in our society. Some people are caused to be violent at situations and sometimes it is just natural. Some think violence would help them solve an issue if they have a problem ;however, it would cause you to have more problems. But through humans misguidance we often use it as a solution to our problems that we create in society. As a result, it is just not hurting you, but also the society.

To begin with, violence also harms the society. It would mostly affect the kids because they learn what they see or hear. Media is a big source for these kinds of things. There are a lot of TV shows, movies, and gaming out there on TV that people watch. All these characters are fictional and what they do might seem fun for us but we are advised not to do what they do because it is their profession. You could cause yourself harm by that way. You cannot just blame violence on just gangs because they create problems in the community. There are also media, education, and technology. Even though statistical information says crimes are decreasing, violence is increasing. Because we live in a society that economical problems are really high and everybody wants to get the equal privileges to live their life. Everyone of us likes to live a good life ;however, problems in our society won’t let us. That would cause people to be violent and they would start turning away from the society and disrupt the society. People would start doing things like robbery. Not just now, our society was corrupted and damaged by violence. Example of this is World War II. A lot of countries fought in this war to gain power. Some people might think it is fun to watch fighting and they don’t see the opposite side of what would if they were in their place.

Violence is not anything that you want to start with. It does not really help you as a person and it destroys...
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