Violence Across the Globe

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  • Published: July 23, 2013
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Violence Across the Globe
Alyssa Cook
Family and Domestic Violence
July 16, 2013

Violence Across the Globe
Domestic violence and abuse can occur between anyone, regardless of race, sex, class or gender and is not limited to occurring just in the United States alone. It is now considered a global health concern, affecting an estimated one third of all women across the globe (Chelala, 2013). Domestic violence isn’t subjected to physical abuse alone; it may include intimate partner violence, child abuse/neglect, sexual abuse, elder abuse, and can take many other forms as well. The question is does every country around the world react differently to abuse?

According to Gosselin (2013), "Intimate partner violence refers to violence committed within an adult intimate relationship" (p.48). This violence is most often committed in order to obtain control over any part of the relationship whether it is finances, with whom the partner associates with, what the partner wears and more. Obtaining control over the relationship is just the beginning of a vicious cycle of abuse. In fact, an estimated four or five women are killed by their partner in the United States every day (Blumenthal, 2013). Despite how difficult it is due to safety risks in trying to leave an abusive relationship, in the United States protection and resources are offered to the victims of violent crimes that may not be offered in other countries.

In Mexico, the laws against domestic violence do not provide sufficient protection for women. This way of life is the exact opposite of that way of life for women living in the United States. The women in Mexico more often than not fail to report violent incidents to the Mexican police because those that do are disrespected and the police seem as if they're more suspicious than they are affectionate (Human Rights Watch, 2013, para. 16). With the lack of authorities acknowledging the seriousness of domestic violence in Mexico, Mexican women who...
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