Violation of Software

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Violation of software also known as “Software Piracy” is a worldwide problem. People copy the software for commercial uses or maybe just for personal gain. The software companies have tried many methods to prevent violation of license agreements. They have tried many copy protected schemes and many have failed. How would violation of software license agreements affect different areas of life/economy, business, personal, legal? Software piracy is an unresolved worldwide problem, costing millions of dollars. If there is a violation of software license agreements the different areas of life/economy, business, personal and legal matter will be affected based on what the person stealing does with the software. Individuals or company’s information can be tampered with and businesses can be damaged if secret information is available for the other competitors to see. I’d say that the industry is well aware that the software is easily copied and distributed now that almost everyone in the world has a computer with Internet, I believe all companies and business have adapted accordingly. Software as a service and customized enterprise solutions are where most of the business is focused. By definition I would like to say that almost all business use the pirate proof to begin with. As for a single person violating the licenses agreement and the company or business detect that the violation has accrued, the owner or manager of the business could file a law suit against the person who violated the system. In which they would recover actual and punitive damages. If the suit goes before court with a jury, the jury will be well aware of the cost of the software from the stealing the software and also be well aware that a suit will be filed for a violation against the public interest. The government could also file a suit for theft that could be prosecuted by the government in criminal court, most of the time they will file just a civil suit before they go as far as theft. Once...
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