Vintage Ad Essay

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Super Bowl Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Budweiser is one of most popular beer brands in the United States. They have always been notorious for producing humorous and sex appeal ads to advertise their products. Every year during the Super Bowl Thousands of people look forward to seeing their ads because they are funny commercials. Budweiser uses its reputation and produces commercials that are quick witted and funny for everyone to watch. They incorporate certain sex appeal and humor into their ads to sell their products to men and show nothing is more pleasing than drinking their beer. The rhetorical appeal in this Budweiser ad is to persuade the audience to drink Budweiser... This advertisement uses sexy women to appeal to men and their emotion to make them want to buy their product. It’s using a certain sex appeal to make the advertisement more engaging to men. There are not many beer advertisements that don’t use women in the ads to sell the product. Budweiser likes to use mainstream and traditional sex appeal to sell their product to a certain type’s of people. The three women in the picture are all Caucasian and enjoying a relaxing day on the deck and lying out. In this ad, Budweiser is appealing to a certain type of American, mostly men. They are making the product seem more lavish and enjoyable while out in the sun relaxing, around women. Budweiser is assuming that having beautiful women in their advertisements or commercials is helping their company sell more of their products. They are correct with this assumption because they have been a successful beer company with their products, thanks to all of the advertisements they produce with humor and beautiful women in them. They try to entice beer enthusiasts to buy their products instead of any other ones. Budweiser is famous for using quick witted marketing skills and sex appeal ads. This advertisement displays several aspects that portray beautiful women soaking up the sun and enjoying a beer. There are three women on a Budweiser towel and...
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