Vino Kulafu

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  • Published: November 17, 2012
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Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Sta. Mesa, Manila
Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations
College of Business

Vino Kulafu

Artist – GARCIA, Lalaine Myr
Writer – TORRES, Jean Marie
Planner - LATAGAN, Annalyn

Company Profile

About the product…
* Vino Kulafu is the Philippines most popular Chinese wine. * Named after a legendary Filipino jungle hero Kulafu.
* The brand has become a byword in Visayas and Mindanao, especially for its health benefits. * Vino Kulafu is is appreciated from its 50 proof, 25% alcohol and 14 authentic traditional botanical herbs combined through a special distillation process to attain a well-blended herbal aroma. * Manufactured by Ginebra San Miguel, formerly La Tondeña Inc. * It is considered as the main elixir of peasants in the countrysides of Visayas and Mindano. The Company: Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. or commonly known as GSMI, grew out of a family-owned Spanish era distillery which, in 1834, introduced what was to become the company's flagship brand and the largest selling, first ever Philippine gin in the world – Ginebra San Miguel.

GSMI has since evolved from being a solely gin-driven business into a progressive and dynamic organization whose strength lies in the proud heritage of its flagship product, its extensive experience in alcohol production and distribution, and the never-say-die spirit of its workforce. The company continues to adopt to the ever-changing preferences of its markets, providing more value-for-money options through its growing line of world-class hard liquor and healthy beverages.

With the support of its parent company – San Miguel Corporation, Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. boldly looks to the future propelled by its vision of becoming a diversified beverage company in the Asian region.

Being a majority-owned subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation (the "SMC"), the Company has adopted a Manual on Corporate Governance...
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