Vilnius Poker

Topics: Woman, Narrator, Narrative Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Vilnius Poker
In the book Vilnius Poker by Ricardas Gavelis, Vytautas Vargalys is an intelligent, unstable 53-year-old that works as a librarian. He is completely out of his mind and suffers from paranoia and other diseases. Vytautas is in love with a woman he works with named Lolita, who is a young woman in her twenty's who works at the library. The setting of the novel takes place during the soviet times at Vilnius and the story is told through four narrators. Vytautas is a survivor of the concentration camps and is the narrator of the first section called "Them". "They" are dead eyed demons who have taken the form of humans and are trying to steal everyone's soul. Only Vytautas can see "Them" and he begins to look through the library and finds evidence of their existence. This story is about the tragic murder mystery of a woman named Lolita and is told in four different points of view.

In the first section Vytautas is the narrator. I thought this first section was very dark and intense. In the story there were constant repetition by the narrator and descriptive imagery of genitalia and sex. Also Vytautas had very disgusting and negative views of women. I believe that Vytautas views of women were very inappropriate but it is the result for being sexually tortured in the concentration camps. Being imprisoned away from women, Vytautas grows up to have a cruel and grotesque view for women. In the story there were multiple rape scenes. Even though the scenes were just the thoughts from his head it was very uncomfortable to read. The story was very descriptive and it gave me vivid images of the scene. In my opinion, Vytautas's views of women is very general and he only cared about the outside appearance and features. I believe since Vytautas was a survivor of the concentration camps that he feels alone and being separated from females made him become very narrow minded and insane. Vytautas is crazy man and always has odd delusions. I believe that...
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