Village Volvo

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Village Volvo’s service package.
The supporting facility is the new butler building plus the office, the waiting area and the storage room. Facilitating goods are the auto parts. The Custom Care Vehicle Dossier is used as a source of information for the mechanic on each vehicle it services. The explicit services are cars that are free of damage and running smoothly after tune-ups and repairs, implicit services could be the comfortable chairs, the television, the coffee and magazines that customers use in the waiting room and the good attitude of the mechanics.

Village Volvo offers a shuttle service to its customers two or three times a day. The waiting room is designed so as to entertain customers while they wait for their cars to be picked up (TV, comfortable chairs, coffee…). The customers drop off their cars within the predetermined hours, and make appointments if necessary. This is how they participate in the service process. Village Volvo sets aside specific time each week (3 to 5pm Wednesdays and 8 to 10am Thursdays) for customers who come for quick routine jobs, outside those times the mechanics receive clients by appointment only. The owner-mechanics have had 22 years of training and experience with the local Volvo dealer and this has earned them their reputation.

Village Volvo provides tangible services to its clients’ cars. The owner-mechanics discuss with the clients about the work that has been done or the work that they are about to do to make sure that both parties understand what problems exist. The service that Village Volvo offers can be customized according to clients’ needs (either a quick check-up or heavy repairs…). Village Volvo encourages its clients to set up appointments and sets aside specific times during the week for clients who just want to perform quick routine care, so that they can better manage their capacity and demand. Village Volvo only has one location where it delivers its services.

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