Village Life and City Life

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Nowadays majority of people prefer living in a city. Also this is the well known fact that there are more people in cities than in countries. However, both city living and country living have their benefits. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the main differences between the city life and the country life.

First, city life and country life are different from services. The big city offers of the options for spending free time. For instance people can visit various museums, cinemas, and libraries. There are some parks in a city; everyone can go around park to relax after a hard-working day. Beside, you can buy whatever you need if you live in a city; you only go to shops, supermarket or plazas. In opposite, persons who live in a country don't have wide choice of shops. Also people are able to use different kinds of services. For example a laundry, a car wash, a beauty salon. In the contrast, there is no any variety of services in a village.

The job opportunity is second difference between city and country. There are a lot of working places in the city. The biggest companies are located in the cities. Therefore, it is easier for people to find suitable job in a city. Also, people have more variants in choosing career. In contrast, it’s harder to find a good job in the country. There are some jobs in the country, but the salary is not high.

Finally, the country life is safer than the city life. First of all, the traffic in the city is more intricate than in the country. it is easy to get from one place to another in the country because the distances in countries are not as long as in towns. As a result, the commuting to the work is not a problem. The traffic in the country is not too crowded as in city, so the traffic accident is less than in city. Moreover, people, living in a village, feel themselves in safety. The crime rate in a country is lower than in a city.

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