Village by the Sea Anita Desai

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  • Published: February 23, 2011
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Name of the book; Village by the see
By; Anita Desai
Story; of an Indian family A story of an Indian family, staying in a village, called Thul, almost 14 miles away form Mumbai one of the most famous cities of India. This family consists of a mother who is very sick and lying in bed all the time, father who drinks all the time and is unable to work due to his hard drinking habit, three sisters and a brother, the two younger sisters who are studying at school, and an elder sister who has stopped going to school due to economical problems, and now looking after the family and a younger brother who also stopped going to school sue to the same reason and is supposed to look after the family.

These two the elder sister and the younger brother are the sole food provider to the family while having nothing behind them or at hand. A very small hut and a small piece of land which is not adequate to make a living on, so the life is very difficult and full of sorrows, to be honest I wept sometimes while reading this novel sometimes because of their tough condition of life and their wisdom and sometimes because of the success of them over something difficult which gave me an inner happiness, victory and joyful tears. This book is really very emotional and sensitive, in fact you should have that feeling other wise you won’t realize it. I will not reveal anymore about the book, you will have to read it so it can be more interesting and understandable. Now I will give a brief analysis of the book from my point of views The book covers the following aspects which every one in its own turn has its own unique role in the life of the family or as a whole for all human beings. They are as follows;

1.The village, its living conditions and the simplicity of the people; It is really very clear that the condition of living in a village is having very low standard comparing to cities. There is very less opportunity of a job in a village than in a city. There is no clean water, very poor health care facilities, having low standard schooling and many more problems. And so are the people very simple, having no high ambitions and are satisfied with what ever they have at hand. They have got a small piece of land, a fishing boat a hut and nothing else. And at the same time they are having a very calm and relaxed type of life. They have to work only season wise and have their daily siesta very joyfully. Which are mentioned in a very good flow in this book.

2.The families the roles of the parents in a family and the vigilant boy and girl who are really very young and are vulnerable at this phase of age but still manage it. When you hear the name parents what would be your feelings? Definitely loving ones who really takes care for you, who raise you, who make you laugh and cry for you, who provide foods, clothing, shelter and medicine for you and still don’t want any compensation and never regrets for their doings. The role of the parents in a family is very vital and crucial. But in the book it is different; the father is careless the mother is unable due to her sickness and weakness. And in result the boy and the girl play the role of them respectively.

They become vigilant, loving and concerned about their sorrowful life. They develop more consciousness, and make wise decisions but at the same time the condition of the village living, especially their status is making them very vulnerable at this stage of life. But still they have the spirit to survive and manage their life through different ways that they can afford to do.

3.The city of Mumbai the complexity, the crowd, the hard living conditions of the city life especially for the poor people. The life in a city is well standardized comparing to villages, but still we don’t have to forget that all the comforts in a city come through money and wealth, so we still have people under poverty line even in the cities. Those who live in the slums have a painful life. They see all the modern...
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