Villa Savoye

Topics: Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye, Piloti Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Villa Savoye
The Villa Savoye, a building designed by a Swiss architect named Le Corbusier, is located in the city of Poissy, France. The building was finished between the years 1929-1931. It is most known for a private weekend retreat about thirty miles outside of France. Le Corbusier believed that ornament had no place in the modern life world. The building structure is based of the International Style. Most forms of the International Style lack surface ornament and involve the use of modern, industrial materials. Le Corbusier said that the house should be used as a ‘machine for living.’ The building itself is surrounded by a forest and it looks like it is in the middle of nowhere. It is held up by pilotis, also known as columns, to lift off the ground to show the green grass more. There is also a rooftop terrace above the house that contains a garden. The walls of the Villa Sovoye are all white and the surface is really smooth it looks like. The white walls show me that it is a sign of cleanliness. From the pictures that show the inside of the house it looks like the house is too abstract because of all the elements that the house contains. Rectangle windows, cylinder columns, and other shapes with all plain white make it seem so abstract. There are two excerpts about this architectural building that each have their own aspect of the artwork. The first author, William J. R. Curtis, is most fascinated by the symmetry and shapes of the Villa Savoye. He talks about the building itself and not really the in depth details that the house acquires. The second author, Mark Wigley, finds the white walls of the house most significant. He talks about how much color has an effect on the way people look at things in the world in the modern day. Both authors show evidence making their argument about the Villa Savoye. William J. R. Curtis starts off giving a brief description of the Villa Savoye and the environment around the building. Shapes are one of...
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