Villa College Fuvahmulah Campus in 2050

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Villa College Fuvahmulah Campus in 2050
In the year 2050 how will VCFC look like? Would it be improved by the latest technologies or it would have a few changes. By the way in my view the VCFC would be improved so well that it could not be done in these days. It seems to me that the VCFC would be improved with latest technologies and with advanced teaching methods. Firstly, in 2050 there will be a new building of VCFC. That building will contain maximum 15 to 16 floors and a minimum of 8 floors. In each floor there will be around 6 to 8 classes. Also in the new building there will be two libraries. One library will be a digital library. In the digital library there will be many computers which are connected to the internet. So the students can read books online. The other library contains books like an old library. Moreover, there will be a computer lab for the IT students as well as science labs and chemistry labs etc… Furthermore, there will be a massive hall in the building, so there will be enough space for everyone. The building will also contain a play hall for students which contain of many games and other sports activities. So the students can have fun in their free time. Secondly, in the year 2050 the classes will be improved. There will be a change in the classroom size. All the classes will contain minimum 60 students. Also in each and every class there will be about 4 air conditions. Moreover, in all the classes there will be a smart board so it would be easy for the lecturers to teach their subject. For every student there will be a floating table and a comfortable chair of their size so the students are comfortable to study. This creates a peaceful and energetic atmosphere to study. Thirdly, in 2050 some old rules and regulations will be there, bet the rules and regulations will be changed. Some of the old rules that are followed are that students are not allowed to use mobile phones in the classes. Also students are not allowed to speak while the...
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