Vikings- Civilised or Not?

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  • Published : September 22, 2011
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Vikings- Civilised or Not?
Vikings; expert traders, craftsmen, raiders and warriors, came from the area known as Scandinavia. Scandinavia is a region in Europe which the Vikings lives and dominated. It consists of Norway, Sweden and part of northern Finland. They were masters of the sea with their great navigation and marine technology. Tools of which they used to raid plunder and slaughter the civilisation of far lands, separated by great and vast seas. Vikings are often portrayed as ruthless, savage beast like warriors who plundered and killed mercilessly. But these were one sided stories from the views of the monks and priest of which the Vikings raided. Though it does have some truth b ehind it, it does not mean that they were uncivilised people. What they didn’t know was that the Vikings had a well structured society, equal rights, master of navigation, expert traders, had advanced technology, were great explorers and even had their own religion. All signs of a great, civilised and advanced society. The Vikings had a well structured and civilised society. In each society it was split into three main groups or status: jarls, karls and thralls. Jarls were the highest ranking of all three statuses consisting of kings, chieftains, noblemen and landowners. In these groups there were obviously even more ranks with the king and the chieftain being leaders of their society. Karls were ranked in the middle and made up the majority of the Viking society. They consisted of: freemen; any one who could choose who they were working for, and women. In this status there was equal right between freemen and women because Viking society were fair, equal and a place where sex didn’t really matter. Another reason to support that Vikings were civilised. Lastly, were the ‘Thralls’ ranking lowest of the three. These consisted of the slaves and slaves only. Most families own about one or two slaves. The slaves were often people captured during plunders that weren’t killed....
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