Viking Essay

Topics: Viking, Ireland, Norsemen Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The Viking period in Irish History began in the late 790’s, when groups of Vikings, began annual attacks on the coasts of Ireland. Many historians and decedents of Ireland, viewed these norsemen/ Scandinavians as, “heathens”, looking to gain widespread power. However, modern day research has shown that the Viking conquests in Ireland, may not have been as devastating as natives believe and may have benefited cultural aspects of Ireland many look past.

When examining the Viking period, it is crucial to understand that their power lasted for only about 300 years before disintegrating and throughout the 300 years, the Viking people went through several different stages of life within Ireland. Lastly, it is understood that Ireland, was not the only region to be under attack by these Vikings as surrounding British and Scottish land was also under attack and may have been the regions where most of the devastation occurred. However, when examining the Vikings in Ireland, we have learned that the successful conquests of the Vikings, throughout Ireland, led to permanent establishments/ communities of Vikings, which they called longphorts or “defensive sea-bases” throughout the rivers and water form within Ireland. Throughout the Mid ninth century to early tenth century, these Vikings groups would occupy major regions of Ireland including, Dublin, Waterford and Iona. The dominance and power gained through these conquests allowed the Vikings to establish themselves as a key group in Irish political power throughout the tenth century and would often intervene in outside conflict throughout Ireland. The power gained throughout Ireland by the Viking group has led Historians to believe that they may have benefited the region by their presence. As explained before, the Vikings would go through several stages during their 300 year reign, beginning with the first stage of constant attack and conquest. It is evident that the Vikings began these conquests in order to obtain...
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