Views Towards Death

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  • Published : May 26, 2009
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Different views towards death
Different people hold different views about life and death. The nihilists believe that death is the end of life. Nothing will be left after death, and body will just dissolve and nothing will be left. Others have a different believe. Some of them believe there will be heaven and hell. There are also some people who believe that after death, one would reincarnate and to be born as a living thing again. I believe that a person will just decade after death. Nihilism is a belief which argues that there’s no meaning to life. Nihilists think that life is lack of explanations and purposes. If it’s true that there’s nothing left after death, what will be the values of experiences, relations, and discoveries? In nihilists’ belief, there are no reasons and values for all of them. There are no goals to life, and the cycle of creation and destruction lack sense, purpose and reasons. Others have different views. Most of the religious views believe there are things left after life. Christians believe that there are heaven and hell existing. In current life, people should do good, therefore they can enter heaven; on the other hand, if people do bad things during life, they will enter hell and suffer eternal pain. Life to them is a preparation and a test. On the hand, Buddhists hold a view which is somewhat the same but different. They also think that people should do good during life, however, they believe in reincarnation. If people do bad things in this life, they will suffer in their next life, which is to be born as a living creature in this world again, instead of being in heaven or hell. In my opinion, I believe in nihilism. I think both the human body and soul will just dissolve after death. There are no specific meanings to life. All the relationships and feelings that we have during life are just senses or facts that are lack of meanings. During our lives, we just need to do things which would please ourselves and so we can enjoy life...
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