Views on Gender

Topics: Gender, Woman, Mother Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Views on Gender

I found it interesting in how equal society is slowly becoming. There are more women going into the work force and taking over jobs that are known as “manly” jobs.
With the video that were watching in class, military women are considered equal but when they deal with prisoners they are known as being dominant. To the prisoners that is known as being disrespectful because in most countries the men are the dominant ones. As I was watching the this film I was just thinking to myself like “this actually goes on?” I didn’t know what to make of the film so far. I definitely feel that what US military was wrong and I guarantee majority of the people in our country never knew this happened. Prisoners were stripped down and had women’s underwear over their head. The females had equal power as the men. I like the fact that women are coming up in todays society overall. I would want my future wife to be out working instead of being at home to show that’s she capable of being more than just a house wife. But one thing I don’t think will ever be acceptable is being a “stay at home dad.” That’s just one thing I think is looked down on. Men are known to be the hard workers that put food on the table. I think it’s that way because women are more nurturing than men and so its expected for a female to do household things and to take of the children. Growing up both of my parents worked while I was at school and we would get home at the same time. Most of the time some parents have no choice but to stay at home with their kids because of the children’s age. You can’t leave a toddler at home so that’s when the stay at home mom comes into play.
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