Views on Bunsiness Process Improvement

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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As mentioned in class, BPI also a way to bring improvement on business process with the goal of increasing work efficiencies and productivities in organization. However, the major different between BPI and BPR is scale of involvement in resources and implement time will relatively smaller; also, BPI may not involve with the support of IT. Since BPI not necessary to have a top to bottom alterations and it can only happen in one department or even in individual; it has benefit on lower risk factors and the maximum lost may able to estimate.

There is an example in my mind that I want to share is the ‘Conveyor Belt Sushi’. Although, I am not sure do this example can classify as BPI, we can still find some success on the changes. First, the ‘Conveyor Belt Sushi’ changed the traditional way of food ordering in restaurant. Instead of ordering sushi from waiter, customer can directly pick the sushi from the belt, which benefit on speed up the food order process since food had already prepared by sushi chef. Also, choose of sushi on the belt are usually limited which benefit on restaurant purchasing and stock control on ingredients in store; plus, sushi chef can concentrate and massive making same sushi which increase the efficiency on food preparation. Also, it changed the consume behavior on customers. Since fresh sushi continually travel in front of customers, it highly increase the food attraction, also customers had a sense of competition on picking up sushi as their desired sushi may picked by other customers and they need to wait for second round. As a result, customer usually consume more than what they expected and we can see ‘Conveyor Belt Sushi’ is popular in end of 90’s in Hong Kong.
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