Views of Psychology

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Everybody’s views of psychologist are pretty similar as it appears too myself. How I thought of a psychologist was almost a scientific and more honestly respected therapist. Little did I know the vast amount of studies and theories about situations they contributed to the world.

The original view I had of psychology was just a Therapist that knew a lot about human brains and how to pick them apart and determine what was wrong with a person and then prescribe them a drug to combat the problem. When I thought of psychological treatment I probably would have thought about running test on someone and figure out how they react to it and give him or her a drug to stop what ever it was that could have been wrong. When I would think of a psychologist I thought of an older man wearing a bow tie maybe suspenders circular glasses with a pipe. Aside from the physical attributions I thought they were very intellectual and deep thinking. Thinking back to psychologist the movie shutter island popped into my brain. The head doctor of the island was a master of putting ideas into people’s heads and creating a alternate reality. I am not sure why I use this as a depiction of a psychologist but when I do refer to this it just reminded me how psychologists know a lot about the brain. They seem to know so much about the brain that they can figure out a way to manipulate it in any way.

When I signed up for this class I did not know what I was getting into with the work load and amount of science that is really put into it. I figured that it was just all watching experiments and observing human behavior and reactions. What I had no clue about was the science and logic put into this profession. Psychology takes true dedication and determination. Not only is the work tedious and hard but also very intellectual. It takes a true breed of a human to study this subject due to the amount of thought put into everything that happens with psychology. Each experiment and study has so much...
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