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  • Published : July 2, 2008
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This is a U.S. presidential election year and a big story has been the rise of Senator Barack Obama as a serious candidate for presidency. I was interested in what various segments of the black community thought about this and chose two magazines that target the black community as their primary audience. JET magazine’s self-described mission is to inform, educate and entertain the African American community. The Network Journal magazine claims to serve the needs of black professionals and small business owners by educating them on trends in management, business, technology and finance.

JET magazine’s May 2008 cover has the word JET printed in large, bold and blue text block with white casual style font on the upper left-hand corner. There is a large smiling photograph of Sen. Obama waving his left hand at the crowd. Just two text blocks are present on the cover. The cover has titles for two articles, “He's The One: Barack Obama Emerges As Democrats' Hope To Win The White House” and “Why Are Black Actors Leaving Prime-Time TV?” The overall impression I received from the cover was that this is a casual reading magazine covering a wide range of topics of interest to black community.

Inside the JET magazine, there are cheerfully colored coded sections for articles relevant to blacks on health, fashion, music, sports, lifestyles and entertainment. There are also articles on black celebrity birthdays and news. It also has reports highlighting the achievements of famous black people including actor Will Smith and basketball player Kobe Bryant. The magazine has advertisements for Colgate toothpaste, Nivea moisturizer and various TV shows with black actors in prominent roles. The common every day affordable products and services advertised reflect the fact that this magazine has a wide audience.

The cover story, by Kevin Chappell, on Sen. Obama compares his Democratic primary bid to a heavy weight fight where he is about to deliver a knock out punch to his rival....
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