Viewing Habits of Today's Society

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  • Published : March 11, 2007
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There are many people in today's society who in watch reality TV for various reasons. In the essay, "The Tribe Has Spoken", Rebecca Gardyn explains how age and gender can affect why people watch reality TV. She also focuses on whether or not reality TV will last. In her essay, there are many different statistics showing peoples perspective on reality TV. Gardyn draws upon different demographics that relate to her essay. Like others in the 18- to 24-year-old age group, I too enjoy watching reality TV. Although I like reality television, I am also interested in other genres as serial dramas because of the suspense.

In Gardyn's essay, she explains why people in my age group watch reality TV. She explains, "70 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds watch reality television programs and 44 percent of this group prefer to watch real people over scripted characters on TV"(Gardyn 182). Also, statistics show that "43 percent of 10- to 34-year-old viewers say they tune in because they like to see conflict break out among the contestants" (Gardyn 184). Ed Martin also added "These kids grew with cable television, where unscripted, documentary-style shows have always been a staple," (186)

I agree with Garden's essay and her statistics. I enjoy watching reality TV for many of the same reasons as others in my age group. I rather watch real people doing real things the actors with rehearsed lines. Reality TV show's demonstrate real emotion and that is something that attracts me to this genre. My favorite reality show is The Real World. Ed Martin explains, "These kids grew up with cable television, where unscripted documentary-style shows have always been a staple"(186). The Real World is the first reality show I can remember watching. The Show is about seven stranger who are picked from different parts of the world to live in one house together. The Show are always in different cities and states. The people all have different personalities, which sometimes causes conflict. One...