View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller: Decent People Can be Destroyed by Their Own Human Fragility

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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In a ‘View from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller it is shown that fundamentally decent people can be destroyed by their own human fragility. Eddie, the protagonist in the play initially appears as a generous, hard working family man. Despite his general decency, Eddie’s weaknesses such as his jealousy, possessiveness and narrow minded abstinence result in his self destruction. Eddies most prominent flaw, jealousy, plays a key role in the demolition of the originally ‘well rounded’ individual. Eddie becomes jealous of Rodolpho primarily for taking away Eddie’s sweetheart, his niece Catherine, but his envy for other factors of Rodolpho such as his singing, cooking and sewing skills is also evident.(insert quote). Throughout the text we watch as Eddie’s jealousy gnaws and meddles with his original values and we see the journey of how a simple jealous streak can turn a man to go against his traditional values and principles. This is shown as when Eddie first hears of the immigrants he tells Catherine that she must keep her mouth shut about them under all circumstances, yet in the end ironically Eddie is the one who notifies the immigration department of the illegal Italians. Eddies jealousy is a catalyst of a chain reaction which leads to his destruction. The jealousy also allows animosity which leads to intense dislike with a violent outcome. Eddies original values and morals were replaced with the envious poison of jealousy and were carried away down the drain much like the blood spilled from his body because of this flaw. (this next paragraph needs work)

Eddies initial feelings may have just been fatherly protection over his niece, but this originally honest emotion was made into a flaw as it turned into feelings of possessiveness over Catherine. Eddie, originally being a respected man in the Brooklyn area ends up being insecure about other men looking and trying to take away Catherine from him. An example of where fatherly protection turns to possessive and...
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