Vietnamese Woman: Pass and Now

Topics: Feudalism, Marriage, Woman Pages: 5 (1939 words) Published: October 31, 2011
In the poetry and literature in Vietnam, the image of women has always been one of the inspiration for the poet, writer from ancient to modern. Under feudalism, the Vietnam Women's lives are tied to the harsh school holidays. At the same time they are trampled by society, as cheap as at the time thought "important business men and women" as a ruler to measure the benefits that each person is entitled. The fate of women in the former regime Round and bitter truth. Make their lives just like the animals because they are being abused, beaten, but was unable to cry. Status of these people from mix of situation-by-step downs state of the time. With the new changes in thought and review of the modern world, the position of women Vietnam today is gradually promoted and who needed no less macho. They have proved themselves the importance of the self in all aspects of family life as well as in society. With the development trend of the country, people need to be open and remove the old fashioned way of life to adapt to new life. However, because of the changes that the personality and qualities of the Vietnam Women's beauty is no longer possible to complete as of yore. This is a sad truth, and in each of us, no one from the self-questioning about the underlying causes that have really made a profound effect on thinking and the dignity of women Vietnam . When it comes to women's status in the feudal system, many people usually think of images "stork" has been popular for von long as the fate of the women of the past: "The stork wading shore diving the river. Rice burden to her husband felt the cry babies. "They are people who are disadvantaged in life, subject to unfair treatment by society just because they took part under the fragile girl power. From childhood life time, they must learn instill Confucian philosophy, including "three accomplices" and "four virtues" while schools are not allowed to text. In this "three accomplices" are three things that women need to "home subtotal, subtotal of price, his wife from the total death" (at home by his father, the husband got married, her husband died as children). While there are "four virtues" are the four basic virtues that each woman should be like the past, content, language, behavior (ie, do agility, sharp interface gentleness, speaking softly, the meek streak). These are ethical standards that his father always respect and strive to develop by an old woman who rated gentle decency and good only if the person has adequate education on the ceremony. I think the beauty of this has created iconic Vietnam charming girl, but when you look at, the neighbors whispered that time to praise and respect.

In marriage, the old woman Vietnam has no choice but to follow the set of parents. Who also because filial should not dare to disobey the order of birth. Before marriage, many women face is not known that his fiancee will have to improve tissue repair bag for the rest of his life. By the time of the husband, they really surprised and confused with life as yet strange bride le eo. It's poignant for fishing knives: "Oh, who do suffer. Please do not dare laugh, sad not dare to coal. " If anyone was fortunate to meet husband virtue of learning and thinking, concern for family, he shall indeed be a brighter day in the warmth of her husband. As for having an abusive husband, the chief or the woman's life was seen as an end. So many people did not get real happiness instead, lives life as professional distress and silver part. A typical example is the United Thuy Kieu in the "Tale of Kieu" by great poet Nguyen Du. Gentle and modest, but good Kieu "test phase graphics professional fishy enough immersion" filial piety and family always. But pushed by circumstances, she had to sacrifice his life his youth. Perhaps the sun is so unfair that he began a "financial perfect beauty" as her father had to sell her off because of family circumstances can change. Society has pushed the girls like her before...
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