Vietnamese Wedding Ceremony

Topics: Wedding, Marriage, Traditional Vietnamese wedding Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Marriage is one of the most important events in a lifetime and it is formalized by a wedding ceremony. At any time, the wedding is the beauty in the minds of the Vietnamese people. Let's see how Vietnamese people hold one. Depending on habits and customs of different ethnic groups in Vietnam, there are various procedures of a wedding ceremony, but in general, there is an important ceremony: the Wedding. The traditional Vietnamese wedding consists of a set of ceremonies: The first is the procession to receive the bride. The groom has to come to the bride's family on time and bring gifts wrapped in red papers. These gifts includes: wine, tea, cake, fruit, earrings, necklace and especially a tray of betel and areca. Women wear Ao Dai while men can choose between suits or men's traditional Ao Dai. After accepting these gifts, the ancestor rite will begin. The bride's parents will then return half of the gifts that they have just received to show their politeness. Then the groom will bring the bride to his house for another ancestor ceremony. Finally, the banquet party will be held. It is usually a large gathering of hundreds of people. During the party, the recently married couple and their parents visit each table to thank their guests. Have gone through many stages, traditional wedding has been affected by the Western culture. However, in Vietnam, the youth has recently begun to restore many good traditions in the wedding. That is the clearest evidence for the endurance of the traditional beauty in marriage of Vietnamese people.
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