Vietnamese Pregnancy

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Cultural Differences Among Birthing Women
Growing up as a kid with the background of being Vietnamese, I have a lot of knowledge about the superstitions and beliefs of what to do or not to do due to my cultural beliefs during certain occasions especially pregnancy. First, I want to say that Vietnamese cultural beliefs are very similar to Chinese because it has a strong impact toward our country. Even though the languages are different but very similar pronunciation same as for cultural beliefs, medical beliefs, customs, rituals, and superstitions. Therefore, I would like to discuss about the birthing process of the women in the Vietnamese perspective. From our Asian perspective, unmarried women should never get pregnant because it would bring shame and disgrace ness toward her family. Even though, this is the 21st century but every culture still have their own belief system same as for this type of typical “rule” for the women. Most likely, Asian girls growing up under very strict parental supervision. They can only engage into a relationship with an opposite sex unless it is considered as an official and serious relationship that has the potential of leading to marriage. Even nowaday, arranged marriage is still existing but not too much. Parents overruled their own children therefore children always follow their parent’s orders under no circumstances. When girls reach to the age of adulthood, they are consider as a pure women therefore they have to be careful with every activities they engage themselves into with an opposite sex. Asian are still very old fashion about believing in women should only engage into sex after marriage.

Prenatal care is still quite lacking in Vietnam even during the 21st century due to the custom beliefs. Pregnant women tend not to take prenatal vitamins or extra supplements because it can harm the fetus from the cultural belief in “lus naturale”. Therefore, most of the women don’t take any special vitamins or...
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